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Miss New England Past Royalty
Celebrating 13 Years of producing quality pageants


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Miss New England  - Hall of Fame

1995 Miss New England Royalty


Cynthia Maganzini



1996 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Kimberly White Connecticut
Teen Jessica Gregory Massachusetts
Junior Brynn Gestewitz New Hampshire


1997 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Michelle Tolson New Hampshire
Teen Kristen Pope Rhode Island
Junior Kerry Hanley Massachusetts
Pre-Teen Nicole Borelli Massachusetts
Petite Brianna Carbone Massachusetts
Little Christina Carbone Massachusetts
Baby Hayley DiGianni Connecticut


1998 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Alanna Thompson Connecticut
Teen Susan Gulyas Connecticut
Junior Lauren Shakra New Hampshire
Pre-Teen Maren Rezendes Connecticut
Petite Maegan Sherblom Massachusetts
Little Hayley DiGianni Connecticut
Baby Juliana Zanella New Hampshire


1999 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Anna Ferreira Connecticut
Teen Brynn Gestewitz New Hampshire
Junior Fallan Branco Massachusetts
Pre-Teen Samantha Theall Massachusetts
Petite Alexandra Zanella New Hampshire
Little Mikayla Powlowski New Hampshire
Baby Ericka Christensen Maine


2000 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Keri-Lynn Cotnoir Rhode Island
Teen Melanie Mudry Connecticut
Junior JoEllen Ally Connecticut
Pre-Teen Catherine Ally Connecticut
Petite Kelsie Perdue Vermont
Little Ashleigh Buechele Connecticut
Baby Jewel-Joy Stevens New York


2001 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Mary Mudry Connecticut
Teen Keri Froio Massachusetts
Junior Amanda Birdsell Massachusetts
Pre-Teen Amanda Alicea New York
Petite Shannon Blankenbecker New Hampshire
Little Destiny Deible Connecticut
Baby Kaitlyn Folan Rhode Island


2002 Miss New England Royalty

Miss Lilliannette Rodriguez Connecticut
Teen Courtney Brady Connecticut
Junior Samantha Theall Massachusetts
Pre-Teen Amaryllis Rodriguez Connecticut
Petite Kierra Estes Massachusetts
Little Brianna Tarzia Connecticut