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Junior and Teen Past Royalty
Celebrating 13 Years of producing quality pageants


Pageant Dates
Miss New England
Miss Royal America
National Pre-Teen
US of America
America's Yankee Miss
Photo Album
1998 Junior/Teen Royalty				
Junior	Kristi Rizzo	Teen	Bethany McGlynn	Connecticut
Junior	Lauren Shakra	Teen	Brynn Gestewitz	New Hampshire
Junior	Tamara Tobin	Teen	Janelle Howard	Vermont
Junior	Ashley Marble	Teen	Danielle Shay	Maine
1999 Junior/Teen Royalty				
Junior	Jaqueline Ferreira	Teen	Mellisa Crowther	Connecticut
Junior	Justine Barker	Teen	Kyle Polichronopoulos	New Hampshire
Junior	Carolyn Zak	Teen	Kerri Froio		Massachusetts
Junior	Katie Basiliere	Teen	Latoy Berry	Vermont
Junior	Shannon Dobbins	Teen	Michelle Russell	Maine
2000 Junior/Teen Royalty				
Junior	JoEllen Ally	Teen	Cori Kopitar	Connecticut
Junior	Marli McKenna	Teen	Nina Cormier	New Hampshire
Junior	Carolyn Zak	Teen	Jennifer jones	Massachusetts
Junior	Kate Papineau	Teen	Cassandra Sprout	Vermont
Junior	Abigail Maxwell	Teen	Heidi Moody	Maine